Sculpture in Harbor Park, Philadelphia

Follow Spruce Street to the waterfront, and you’ll land in a beautiful, new  pop up park; the “Spruce Street Harbor Park” .

Dates: From June 27-August 31, 2014

Hours: The park is open from 11 AM – 1 AM

Overview: Movies, live music, working artists, who could ask for more?

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation transforms the Penn’s Landing Marina at Columbus Boulevard and Spruce Street into a pop-up summertime village with a hammock garden, boardwalk, urban beach, fountains and a series of floating barges with lily pad water gardens, a beer garden, restaurant, and grab-and-go food available from a cargo containers— and will be free and open to the public every day from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Insect Hotels

I spend a lot of time in the natural world, watching closely as plants and organisms are motivated by the elements and rhythmic cycles of the planet. I’m intrigued by the efficiency of the eco system, the methods organisms use to design, build, innovate, communicate, and thrive without imposing on humans. I wonder why humans aren’t able to do the same without imposing on our ecosystem. The work I do explores relationships, natural inclinations, balance, growth, manipulation, and most importantly, our relationship with the natural world. The question that drives my work is, could we be more efficient and innovative thinkers, consumers, designers, and communicators if we were more closely in tune with the rhythm of the natural world?

The purpose of my work is to create awareness. I use natural and man-made materials, principals of alchemy, and ecology to build sculpture, sculptural installations, garden structures, vegetable, and pleasure gardens which aim to increase our awareness of the many patterns, systems, forms, and functions existing outside of our insular lifestyles. Currently, I’m working on a series of suspended, illuminated sculpture that shed light on the habitats of insects and small animals. This series is inspired by the current plight of our pollinators. It is of great importance to me to communicate the alarming decline of thousands of diminutive pollinator populations which keep our ecosystem in proper working order.

That said, I’m thinking about developing a design | build workshop where we can design and build “Insect Hotels” to attract pollinators to our green spaces.  A story by Natureserve provides some cold hard facts:

Confronting the Plight of Pollinators

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweat bees are one of the more obscure pollinator species that NatureServe believes need more scientific scrutiny. Photo by Patty O'Hearn Kickham
Sweat bees are one of the more obscure pollinator species that NatureServe believes need more scientific scrutiny. Photo by Patty O’Hearn Kickham

The thousands of diminutive creatures—bees, birds, butterflies, bats, and the like—that keep our ecosystems in proper working order will soon be seeing the federal support that could help stem the nation’s mounting pollinator crisis.

The alarming decline in native pollinator populations—most notably, honey bees and monarch butterflies—spurred President Barack Obama to launch a wide-ranging initiative requiring more than a dozen federal agencies to go further to protect and restore these crucial species.

Read more:

Concepto Hudson Exhibition

Concepto Hudson

741 Warren St.

Hudson, New York  12534

Opening reception Saturday, July 19, 2014, 6-9 P.M.

Exhibition Dates July 19 – August 17

Besides the day job, I feel like I’m on a permanent summer residency. After 20 years of working in a studio in an urban setting (no regrets!), I’m finally able to relish working outdoors in our new surroundings … pretty awesome.
I started a new series of illuminated sculpture. Currently, one is on exhibit in a room designed by Jen Going in a Design House in Westhampton, NY. Yesterday I sent a second piece to Concepto Hudson, a new gallery in Hudson, NY. If anyone frequents Hudson, NY you know it is an amazing place, if you haven’t … you must make it a destination.


Making Your Life As An Artist



Well done, all artists should give it a read. “Making Your Life As An Artist” is smart, witty, short, and sincere; written by an artist for artists… and free too!

Don’t roll your eyes… it’s not one of “those” books that serves up the same stale information, the things we really already know. I was motivated to rethink my artist statement. My whole perspective has been shifted.

For a free down load or to purchase the book, visit Artist U:

Nature Built Series

A New Series; “Nature Built”

Influenced by the methods, skills, and projects of natural designers, I have been thinking about building a series of intricate forms reminiscent of the dwellings, nests, eyries, dams, hives, reefs, webs, warrens, hills, burrows and roosts of beavers, bowerbirds, ants, spiders, coral and etc.


 Both standing and suspended, these alluring sculpture offer an additional dimension as they cast dramatic shadows.



Decorated by top interior designer Jen Going,  the “Bungalow Bedroom” features an illuminated grapevine and cherry sculpture  for the Holiday House; a Designer Show House in Sag Harbor, NY. Image

Art In the Open on the Banks of the Schyulkill

Art In The Open Exhibition at CFEVA

Open Channels

  JUNE 7TH – JULY 31ST, 2014

Reception:  June 11th, 4 – 6 pm The Center for Emerging Visual Artists Gallery

237 S. 18th Street , The Barclay, 3A,  Philadelphia  PA    19103

 Featuring the following Art in the Open 2014 Artists:
Nancy Agati
Susan Benarcik
Matt Greco & Chris Esposito
Adam Lovitz
Kaitlin Pomerantz & John Broderick Heron
Ana Vizcarra Rankin
Andrew Walker
Nina Weiss


Art in the Open (AiO) is a citywide event that celebrates artists, their inspirations for creating art and their relationships with the urban environment. This year, AiO has been re-framed as a  biennial  event, and selected a new group of 30 artists interested in using the  Schuylkill River  Banks as their studios– making their creative process open to everyone. Working over the course of three days (May 16-18, 2014), this jury-selected group created works of art along the Schuykill Banks – from the historic Fairmount Water Works to  Locust Street  – inspiring new ways of seeing the river and the city it runs through.

Artists from left to right: Adam Lovitz, Kaitlin Pomerantz & John Broderick Heron , Susan Benarcik.

Art in the Open; Weekend Festival on the Schuylkill

Did you know that the along the banks of the Schuylkill River, from May 16-18, 2014 a jury-selected group of artists will create new works of art in a creative process open to everyone in a city wide event called Art in the Open?


My choice of materials for the event

My location on the river between JFK Blvd. and Race St.

My location on the river between JFK Blvd. and Race St.

Art in the Open celebrates artists, their inspirations for creating art, and their relationships with Philadelphia’s urban environment? Myself and 28 fellow artists will be choosing a location along the Schuylkill – where we will work and share our practice. So come on out, get some fresh air, see the sites along this most historic part of the river!

Here are some helpful links about the event and more:

 Facebook link where you can reach a brief bio of each artist and find more information on the event:

Art in the Open Link for map and directions:

A fascinating article on the history of the Schuylkill:


And… did you know that the Schuylkill River has been named the “2014 RIVER OF THE YEAR”

You can follow me on Twitter to see where I’m setting up:


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