Prickly, Tender & Steamy Artists in the Hothouse


Prickly, Tender & Steamy Artists in the Hothouse

Lyda, Andy, Roman and I  are headed up to the Bronx today for the opening of “Prickly, Tender & Steamy – Artists in the Hothouse” an exhibition at Wave Hill. I have six photographs in the exhibition.

Sillohuette  Steps_Plants    Wave-Hill-Steamy-plant










“Prickly, Tender & Steamy – Artists in the Hothouse” was curated from artists who took part in the Winter Residency Program, I was one of the very first residents! Exhibitions and programming at Wave Hill are always stellar, and this exhibition ties together the arts and horticulture programs at Wave Hill in a very engaging way. Visit their website to see what’s happening now:



. Here is a link to the Facebook event, which was posted today:

Highlands Art Garage Art Classes

New Art Classes in Wilmington, DE


A new and exciting art education venue is opening in September; Highlands Art Garage

Named for the neighborhood, the Highlands Art Garage is located at 2003 West 17th St. Wilmington, DE 19801. Some will remember the lot as the 17th St. Garage, but it’s now the hottest new place to be creative! The teaching artists here have amazing backgrounds, and will offer classes and workshops for all ages in drawing, painting, sewing, woodworking, sculpture, eco-arts and loads of DIY adventures! New classes are being added all the time, check the website so you can design your fall schedules to include us! You can register on line at:

Register on the website. www.


Current Classes:

Saturday Art Class - for kids age 8 and up.

Start Date: September 6th

Instructor: Linda Celestian

4 week Session

10:00-11:30 AM


Basic drawing and painting; mediums covered are pencil, charcoal, ink, and acrylic.

 Register on the website. www.


After School Art Class - for kids age 8 and up.

Start Date: September 9th

Instructor: Susan Benarcik

4 week Session

4:00-5:30 PM


Who wants to try something new?!  Using  inspiration found in the natural world, you will create 4 projects including; an ink drawing based on a natural pattern like the bark on a tree or a spider web, a wood cut print inspired by a natural form, like a  flower or tree branch, and a 3-D sculpture based on an insect or seedpod. Fall is the best time of year to celebrate the natural world, come be inspired and make artwork so wonderful that you wont want to give it away!

Register on the website. www.


Adult Workshop Series  “Color” 

Saturday September 20

1:00-4:00  PM

Instructor: Linda Celestian

$45.00 – All supplies provided

Starting with a fun writing exercise to get you in touch with what colors mean to you,  learn how to explore colors abstractly and freely using liquid watercolor.  Learn what colors are capable of communicating and the role they can play in your life.- You do not need to be an artist!

Register on the website. www.


Adult Workshop Series “EcoFusion”

For the artist and the curious, all levels welcome!  Think outside the box in a two-session workshop with eco-artist and sculptor Susan Benarcik in a “Make & Take” workshop where you design and fabricate your own small scale 3-D sculpture. Learn to incorporate harvested and found materials from your garden and green spaces with curious items from your drawers, tool sheds, and recycle bins.  Some materials are provided, however you are strongly encouraged to bring your own box of “found” or natural materials, wire clippers, scissors, garden shears, and materials that lend themselves to re-purposing and sharing.   You will leave with a shifted  perspective on art and the environment. Visit my blog for more information and recent workshop photos.

Register on the website. www.

Adult Evening Class ” Express Yourself”

Starting Sept. 8th

Mondays 7:00-9:30 PM

Instructor: Linda Celestian

4 week sessions


Have you ever wished you could draw and paint? Are you attracted to art that expresses feelings and is full of life, but feel unsure about how to make it? Starting with simple exercises you will be assisted in unlocking your creative potential. The end goal is to make art that speaks to you and fulfills your creative yearnings. Are you ready to let your creative spirit out to play? This is for artists and non artists alike. We will explore a different art element each week that will help you understand the language of visual art and teach you to using line, color, form, and texture, to communicate ideas and feelings.

Supplies are provided, and students are welcome to bring their own as needed.

***This class will be ongoing and you can start at anytime.

Register on the website. www.


Adult   Evening Class ” Drawing From Nature”

Start Date: Sept. 9 th

Instructor: Susan Benarcik

Tuesdays 7:00-9:00 PM

4 week sessions


For those of us who just want to try something new… but need some inspiration, this course will be perfect. With just enough guidance from Susan, and inspiration found in the natural world, you will create 4 projects including; an ink drawing based on a natural pattern, a wood cut print inspired by a natural form, and a 3-D sculpture of an insect or seedpod. Fall is the best time of year to celebrate the natural world, come be inspired and make artwork so wonderful that you wont want to give it away!

Register on the website. www.


Sculpture in Harbor Park, Philadelphia

Follow Spruce Street to the waterfront, and you’ll land in a beautiful, new  pop up park; the “Spruce Street Harbor Park” .

Dates: From June 27-August 31, 2014

Hours: The park is open from 11 AM – 1 AM

Overview: Movies, live music, working artists, who could ask for more?

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation transforms the Penn’s Landing Marina at Columbus Boulevard and Spruce Street into a pop-up summertime village with a hammock garden, boardwalk, urban beach, fountains and a series of floating barges with lily pad water gardens, a beer garden, restaurant, and grab-and-go food available from a cargo containers— and will be free and open to the public every day from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Insect Hotels

I spend a lot of time in the natural world, watching closely as plants and organisms are motivated by the elements and rhythmic cycles of the planet. I’m intrigued by the efficiency of the eco system, the methods organisms use to design, build, innovate, communicate, and thrive without imposing on humans. I wonder why humans aren’t able to do the same without imposing on our ecosystem. The work I do explores relationships, natural inclinations, balance, growth, manipulation, and most importantly, our relationship with the natural world. The question that drives my work is, could we be more efficient and innovative thinkers, consumers, designers, and communicators if we were more closely in tune with the rhythm of the natural world?

The purpose of my work is to create awareness. I use natural and man-made materials, principals of alchemy, and ecology to build sculpture, sculptural installations, garden structures, vegetable, and pleasure gardens which aim to increase our awareness of the many patterns, systems, forms, and functions existing outside of our insular lifestyles. Currently, I’m working on a series of suspended, illuminated sculpture that shed light on the habitats of insects and small animals. This series is inspired by the current plight of our pollinators. It is of great importance to me to communicate the alarming decline of thousands of diminutive pollinator populations which keep our ecosystem in proper working order.

That said, I’m thinking about developing a design | build workshop where we can design and build “Insect Hotels” to attract pollinators to our green spaces.  A story by Natureserve provides some cold hard facts:

Confronting the Plight of Pollinators

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sweat bees are one of the more obscure pollinator species that NatureServe believes need more scientific scrutiny. Photo by Patty O'Hearn Kickham
Sweat bees are one of the more obscure pollinator species that NatureServe believes need more scientific scrutiny. Photo by Patty O’Hearn Kickham

The thousands of diminutive creatures—bees, birds, butterflies, bats, and the like—that keep our ecosystems in proper working order will soon be seeing the federal support that could help stem the nation’s mounting pollinator crisis.

The alarming decline in native pollinator populations—most notably, honey bees and monarch butterflies—spurred President Barack Obama to launch a wide-ranging initiative requiring more than a dozen federal agencies to go further to protect and restore these crucial species.

Read more:

Concepto Hudson Exhibition

Concepto Hudson

741 Warren St.

Hudson, New York  12534

Opening reception Saturday, July 19, 2014, 6-9 P.M.

Exhibition Dates July 19 – August 17

Besides the day job, I feel like I’m on a permanent summer residency. After 20 years of working in a studio in an urban setting (no regrets!), I’m finally able to relish working outdoors in our new surroundings … pretty awesome.
I started a new series of illuminated sculpture. Currently, one is on exhibit in a room designed by Jen Going in a Design House in Westhampton, NY. Yesterday I sent a second piece to Concepto Hudson, a new gallery in Hudson, NY. If anyone frequents Hudson, NY you know it is an amazing place, if you haven’t … you must make it a destination.


Making Your Life As An Artist



Well done, all artists should give it a read. “Making Your Life As An Artist” is smart, witty, short, and sincere; written by an artist for artists… and free too!

Don’t roll your eyes… it’s not one of “those” books that serves up the same stale information, the things we really already know. I was motivated to rethink my artist statement. My whole perspective has been shifted.

For a free down load or to purchase the book, visit Artist U:

Nature Built Series

A New Series; “Nature Built”

Influenced by the methods, skills, and projects of natural designers, I have been thinking about building a series of intricate forms reminiscent of the dwellings, nests, eyries, dams, hives, reefs, webs, warrens, hills, burrows and roosts of beavers, bowerbirds, ants, spiders, coral and etc.


 Both standing and suspended, these alluring sculpture offer an additional dimension as they cast dramatic shadows.



Decorated by top interior designer Jen Going,  the “Bungalow Bedroom” features an illuminated grapevine and cherry sculpture  for the Holiday House; a Designer Show House in Sag Harbor, NY. Image

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