Prickly, Tender & Steamy – Artists in the Hothouse

The Opening Reception: April 12, 2014

Exhibition Closes: May 18, 2014.

Prickly, Tender and Steamy presents artworks that were created at Wave Hill by artists during the Winter Workspace Program from 2010– 2013. It ties together the Arts and Horticulture programs at Wave Hill in an engaging way, as the selected artists are among those who closely examined the living collections in Wave Hill’s Conservatory (named after Marco Polo Stufano; Curator emeritus).The works selected for the exhibition are varied, and display a wide variety of mediums, and perspectives of the ever changing displays in the Tropical, Palm and Cactus and Succulent houses.


Artists included in the exhibition are: Manuel Acevedo, Gabriela Albergaria, Carrie Beckmann, Susan Benarcik, Matthew Burcaw, Asuka Hishiki, Nick Lamia, Lina Puerta, Naomi Reis, Anne-Katrin Spiess, Linda Stillman, James Walsh and Marion Wilson.  

Pics from the day:  “Prickly, Tender & Steamy – Artists in the Hothouse”, Please try to visit this fabulous exhibition, view the conservatory, and the garden in full spring bloom! For more information:



Eco Fusion Workshop Highlights

This is what happens when you put a group of curious and clever people in a room full of natural and found materials…

Magic Happens.

Some of the amazing results from Eco Fusion, the make and talk workshop at the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Thanks to all who were able to be part of the fun!

FIBERNEXT- an Exhibition at Delaware Museum of Art

FIBERNEXT  is a group exhibition at the Delaware Art Museum which opened on February 15 and runs through April 13. Co-curated by artists Carol Cole and Gina Bosworth, FiberNext showcases a blend of spectacular and intimate works that reflect the lively state of fiber art by 12 regional fiber artists.

This exhibition will feature approximately 20 pieces that illustrate today’s most ingenious approaches to fiber-based materials, combining classic textile traditions with contemporary art and design to create multi-dimensional works of art.


2301 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington DE 19806

Creative Materials All Around

Are you feeling creative? When happens now? Do you follow through, or drop the ball and use the sad excuse, “I have no art materials kicking around to make anything”?

Come to the Delaware Center for Horticulture on the evening of February 18th and 25th, where I’ll be giving a creative workshop called “ECO-FUSION”. There will be plenty of  inspiration here, and an opportunity to walk home with a sculptural object … that you designed and make from natural and found materials!

To help inspire you, I will show you where I find the best materials…

They are in the shed, in the junk drawer, the recycling bin, and in the yard!!! Here are a few things you might never consider using. Here’s a link to sign up for the workshop:

Materials like these, and a little thinking outside the box will make you amazing art like this!

IMG_0979 03_Naiad 05_Nest Liminal IMG_0983 Geminiflorous 06_ResidentPod Oculus Actinia Whirl Disparate A tif Phasmid Cucurbita

Eco-Fusion at Delaware Center for Horticulture


Pierced Leaves


I’ll soon be offering a unique art-meets-the-environment two-day workshop called  Eco-Fusion: 3D Forms.


On February 18 & 25, at the Delaware Center for Horticulture-  known locally as DCH, I’ll inspire workshop guests to combine found objects and natural materials to create beautiful, organic sculptures. My own work expresses a deep concern for the environment, and my background has provided me with wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural materials. These are the skills I’ll be sharing, along with a few images of my work, and my inspiration for creating them. 




Vacuous Whirl

This will be my first local workshop since relocating to Wilmington, I hope you’ll check it out and consider joining us. Bring items  to share from the corners of your drawers, garden sheds, and recycle bins; natural and found materials alike. Clippers, scissors, wire, and garden sheers, come flex your imagination… and you don’t even have to draw!


What Happens When You Pour 1200f Molten Aluminum Into An Ant Hill

You find the most beautiful example of organic, natural sculpture.

Willow Art Workshop

In  a few weeks, I’ll be rubbing elbows with fellow horticulture types and sharing my green sculptural techniques at the “Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course”  in Virginia Beach, VA.  Here’s a clip from the program describing my Willow Art Workshop:

Willow Workshop





Presented by the Virginia Horticultural Foundation, this event encourages professionals and nonprofessionals to enjoy, learn, and appreciate horticulture by providing education, venues for civic engagement, community-building, scholarships, and grants in areas related to applied horticultural practices.



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