Here’s What’s Been Going on at Digital Stone

Early in the Summer, I chose three stones to work on; Travertine, White Marble and Black Fossil. The Black Fossil is the smallest of all three stones, and my primer for the larger stones. I’ve gained a new respect for stone carving the process is amazing, unlike any other I have known.

Michelangelo claimed that his job was to free the human form trapped inside the block. Other artists begin with a form already in mind and find a stone to compliment their vision.

The process begins with the selection of a stone for carving.

Drawing on a one-dimensional profile to make preliminary cuts:

Once the general shape of the statue has been determined, the edges are cut by machine. The sculptor uses other tools to refine the figure; I used a grinder to soften the edges of the form.

The sanding process eliminates gouges and enhancse the subtler gestures. Eventually the stone progresses from a rough block, into the general shape of the finished form.

The sanding process continues by using increasingly  finer sandpaper, from #60- #1000 to remove all of the large scratches left by the previous sandpapers. This abrading, brings out the color of the stone, reveals patterns in the surface , and adds a sheen. I still have to polish the form with a thin coating of butcher’s wax.

Next up is the white marble form, then the travertine!


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