What to do before Easter Vacation…

Here’s something to try next year. From stage one with the preliminary wax drawing on the egg, to the finished product, Voila!

Process: Using bee’s wax, stylus, and flame to heat the stylus, I draw better on eggs then a piece of paper.

First dye, followed by a second, third and fourth layer of wax.

Adding several layers of dye and wax darkens the overall appearance of the design, making final stage more exciting.

Your thinking this is one ugly egg right? After covering all areas of color in wax, the eggs get their final color- usually black or a darker color dye to conceal the prior colors.

After they dye and dry, they are carefully put in a warm oven. The wax is warmed and melted, and wiped off with soft cloth to reveal the vibrant layers beneath. It’s alway a little bit of magic and a great surprise!

This year I made 4 dozen!


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