Eco-Fusion at Delaware Center for Horticulture


Pierced Leaves


I’ll soon be offering a unique art-meets-the-environment two-day workshop called  Eco-Fusion: 3D Forms.


On February 18 & 25, at the Delaware Center for Horticulture-  known locally as DCH, I’ll inspire workshop guests to combine found objects and natural materials to create beautiful, organic sculptures. My own work expresses a deep concern for the environment, and my background has provided me with wealth of knowledge when it comes to natural materials. These are the skills I’ll be sharing, along with a few images of my work, and my inspiration for creating them. 




Vacuous Whirl

This will be my first local workshop since relocating to Wilmington, I hope you’ll check it out and consider joining us. Bring items  to share from the corners of your drawers, garden sheds, and recycle bins; natural and found materials alike. Clippers, scissors, wire, and garden sheers, come flex your imagination… and you don’t even have to draw!



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