Creative Spring & Summer Courses

The deadline to sign up for this 6-week Spring course is Monday, 30 March… so hop to it and sign up on Monday!

Summer courses fill fast, so keep your eye out for my posts on Facebook and my website (here), and the DCAD website:

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This Spring and Summer I’ll be teaching two new courses :

“Inspired by Nature: Drawing Organic Patterns and Forms”Sea Weave

Are you inspired by the natural world – it’s forms and patterns? In this course, students will identify an organic form found in nature, such as but not limited to a sea urchin, bird feather, coral, seed pod, or spider web, and make detailed records of its characteristics, habits, and other attributes.  These observations in turn, will inform preliminary sketches from various perspectives.  Based on the sketches, students will express the nature of their form in several comprehensive drawings with a single medium, or a variety of mediums. The second half of the course will focus on the design of a continuous pattern based on collected observations, sketches, and drawings. This design will consider color, repetition, size and placement of the organic form in the layout with as much consideration one would use to design textile prints.  This class is open to students of all experience levels.



“ Art Improvisation”

Naiad on Stone WallArtists produce solutions, manage uncertainty, experiment, explore, transform, collaborate, problem solve and take risks every day. In this 6 session course, you are invited to experiment with a practicing studio artist with a variety of creative mediums that will activate your risk taking, and problem solving skills. Crazy fun processes such as paper-marbling, photo collage, and a collaborative sculpture project- based on the Exquisite Corpse parlor game will  improve your capacity to trust your intuition, and think outside the box. Each session will be full of surprise and excitement, with equal time for creating and for reflection on the materials, process, and outrageous results.


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