Printmaking for Kids and Teens


Highlands Art Garage After School

Tuesdays 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

September – November 2016

This class taught by Susan Benarcik, and is specifically designed for eight year olds and up- including teens.

Printmaking involves the creation of a master plate, from which single or multiple images are made. There are four main types of printmaking. In this course, the projects we will focus on are:

• Relief printing- created from a raised surface, such as wood or foam. A good example: Wood cut

• Intaglio printing- created from a cut etched or scratched surface such as foam/gel plate.

• Stencil printing- created by forcing ink through the openings of stencil.  A good example: Silk Screen

• Resist printing – created by blocking areas of color on a surface using glue or adhesive.  A good example: Monoprint

We will use a variety of materials such as wood, plexiglass, screens, foam, and gel boards, carving tools, scissors, rollers, and ink. Printmaking is fun and a bit messy… smocks are required.

This class is on-going (excluding the month of December) with payment due at the beginning of each month. If your kids or teens would like to learn a new creative process that explores line, shape, texture, color and pattern, or just good old self-expression, this is the class for them!

4-week session cost is $110. Visit Highlands Art Garage website to register and pay for class in advance: 


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