Winter Session at PS 217

From to January to April, the Living Library Garden and Think Park will go indoors. Grades K, 1, 3 and 5 will focus on both minute and complex systems found in the environment.IMG_2586

The students begin the Winter Session by planting and observing the growth of seeds in soil. The smaller children document the growth weekly, and name parts of the plant as they emerge. Grades 3 and 5 performed experiments with seeds planted in soils heavy with humus, clay and sand while identifying the pro’s and cons of each type of soil.

We examine seeds that the students gathered from our garden before the frost. The younger children learn about seeds, roots and stems that we consume every day. Grade 5 illustrated and wrote unique essays based on a seed package of their choice. After studying store bought seed packs, the third grade designed their own packages for the harvested seeds.



While learning about systems – like the ecosystem, we had fun getting tangled up using string to formulate  the intensive network. All grades quickly learned how each part of the ecosystem is interdependent upon another.  Diagrams were designed from basic to complex. Beacon after school program excels at making coleslaw, and discussing what the difference between a “good” and a  “bad” food choice is.






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