Corporate Workshops

“Unleashing creativity allows organizations to innovate, grow and compete in today’s marketplace.  Business people need to be creative problem solvers as well as strategic thinkers”

-Patrick Maggitti

I share my passion for making art in workshops designed for management development programs. In these workshops, I lead the participants out of their comfort zone, and ask them to try something new, to work in my field as a sculptor using natural materials to make compelling art forms, bound with messages of eco-awareness.

While in the workshop the participants are asked to accomplish three creative challenges involving guidelines, and the materials provided, which were wire, branches, and vine. In doing so, they developed their innovative, collaborative, and problem solving skills; they brainstorm with colleagues of varied backgrounds and different skill sets, they gain exposure to ideas that question or oppose their own point of view, and they learn to take risks and support risk takers. In the end, we address and celebrate the failures as well as the victories, and applaud the efforts.

 The resulting sculptural works are outstanding, and the level of conceptual leaps far exceed my expectations; a sentiment shared by all.

Workshop Interaction

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Student work Slideshow


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