Creativity Workshops & Classes

If you are looking for an innovative workshop for yourself, a group or organization, I’d be happy to design a workshop to suite your needs.

Green Arts:

Workshops  devoted to natural and organic materials and forms

Willow Art Workshop: Using willow to create unique vessels and sculptural forms

Wattle & Weave: Using willow to create garden fencing

EcoFusion: 3-D Sculpture Workshop using  found and natural materials to create sculptural forms

Bee & Insect Nesting Houses: Boxes made of wood and natural components to attract beneficial, organic, cultivation bugs

Illuminated Art Lights: Using a variety of natural materials to “weave” innovative, sculptural lighting

Design|Build A Terrarium: A Two Day Workshop


Creative Processes:

Workshops that challenge your observational skills, improve your focus, and build trust in your intuition

Intro to Watercolor 

Oodles of Doodles

Paper Marbling

Wax Resist Draw/Painting



Corporate Creativity Workshops

Workshops individually designed for leadership training seminars


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