A New Perspective on Sculpture at the Spencertown Academy

Spencertown, NY Summer 2011

I was pleased to exhibit a new type of installation at the Spencertown Academy, for  the “Gardens Found and Constructed” exhibition. The exterior facade of the building begged for a large, graphic, surface application. I used found and natural materials to create a new type of dimensional surface application that combined my sculptural prowess with delicate gestures- more often found in my surface designs.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of local gardeners and academy members, I was able to raid their gardens and sheds, to find materials to make these exciting sculptures, several found homes in the area as viewers fell in love with the idea of taking a bit of their garden inside. I encourage you to come view the installation on the facade of the building, and works inside the gallery as well.


This exhibition continues through July 27, 2011. The exterior installation will remain in place through the end of the summer season. Works like these and others are available on commission, please inquire with the gallery.











Spencertown Academy


790 Rt. 203 •Spencertown, NY • 12165 • 518 392-3693


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