Earth Day at Bloomingdale’s Soho

Eco-conscious Art and Design

Spring is in the air and so are collaborations celebrating Earth Day! Taking place Wednesday, April 20th-Saturday, April 23rd in New York City when The GreenShows join Bloomingdale’s for an ecolux pop-up shop. Greenshows asked me to bring an outdoor sculpture inside for their “Spring Eco-Lux Pop Up Shop”, a designer showcase at the Bloomingdale’s store in  Soho. This week -long event features the designs of ten contemporary fashion and accessories designers who’s work is refreshingly responsible. Be it repurposed leather, or zero-waste patterning, these designers are not making burlap jumpers, they are designing visionary garments with green in mind. Why Our Hangers seemed fitting for the event:


Originally designed for a sculpture park, “Why Our Hangers” made it down the runway, along with another sculpture,  “Mental Notes”. Both are made with found materials:  book page, wire clothes hangers, and copper wire.



Mental Notes


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