Residency at Digital Stone Project

Digital Stone Project, now  called Franconia Sculpture Park:

During the first snow flurries of the season, I was outside carving  Travertine marble with master carver ,”Cotty” Nazarie from Digital Stone Project. Inside – on the large lathe was my white marble “orb”… which after sanding and polishing turned out to be beautiful. This piece is being donated to the Paoli Hospital ‘s new Sculpture Garden.

“Glow” Marble sculpture

“Paoli Hospital is grateful for the interest and support of the KatherineAlexandra Charitable Foundation.  Recently, a unique sculpture was donated to the garden on the third floor of the Hospital’s Pavilion to enhance and beautify the space for patients, visitors and staff.

Created by artist Susan Benarcik, the sculpture is titled GLOW.  GLOW’s simple form evokes a sense of calm, healing and transformation.  Susan sculpted GLOW as part of a public arts grant she received from The Digital Stone Project in Mercerville, New Jersey.  She is honored to donate it to the hospital through the KatherineAlexandra Charitable Foundation.  Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rosemont College and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Her work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and is part of both private and public collections.

We encourage individuals to find moments of peace and tranquility not only in the third floor garden of our Pavilion, but throughout the hospital.”

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